About Us:

US Bankcard Service is a registered ISO/ MSP of HSBC Bank USA -- a world leader in transaction processing. HSBC is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under ticker symbol HBC.

Backed by one of the largest anti-fraud and prevention departments in the financial transaction industry, United States Bankcard and their processing partners are responsible for protecting more than 1 million merchants worldwide. That's the kind of protection and security your company needs.

US Bankcard Service provides an array of merchant services for all types of businesses, including: retail, home-based, and e-commerce. Because of our wealth of experience and resources, US Bankcard Service is able to custom tailor our service and products to fit your specific business needs. It begins with asking the right questions and spending time getting to know you as a valued customer and it continues as we provide the highest level of ongoing customer service you expect.

Actually, choosing US Bankcard Service as your merchant/credit card services provider is one of the easiest,  and smartest, business decisions you will ever make.

United States Bankcard Service, LLC. IS a registered ISO/MSP
for HSBC Bank USA National Association Buffalo NY FDIC insured
American Express & Diiscover requie seperate approval

Providing processing services for credit cards,
debit cards, gift cards, business purchasing cards, EBT,
checks and money transfers

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